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Automatic backups

Tasks creates daily backup files at midnight. Tasks will prune automatic backup files, keeping only the latest seven files

Manual backups

Select Export tasks to create a manual backup file. Manual backup files will not be pruned

Copy to Google Drive

Tasks can upload your backup files to Google Drive. Tasks will only upload files created after this option is enabled, it will not upload files created prior to enabling this option

This feature requires you to grant the OAuth 2.0 scope drive.files. This permission grants Tasks access to files that are created or opened by the app. Tasks will not have access to any other files on your Google Drive. You may revoke this permission by visiting your Google security settings

Android Backup Service

If your device is opted in to the Android Backup Service then Tasks will automatically upload your latest backup file when Android runs the backup service. When you re-install Tasks this backup file will be imported automatically

Backup location

Backup files are stored in Tasks' private directory. Android will delete this directory if Tasks is uninstalled! Choose a Backup location outside of Tasks' private directory to prevent Android from deleting your backup files


File attachments are not backed up, however this functionality is planned for a future release