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Manual sorting

My order sort mode allows you to manually rearrange your task lists. Long press to intiate a drag-and-drop gesture, then move your task up or down to re-arrange it, or move it to the side to turn it into a subtask

My order is supported for:

  • Local lists
  • Google Task lists
  • CalDAV lists
  • EteSync lists
  • DAVx⁵ lists

My order is not yet supported for:

  • Tags
  • Filters

Google Tasks#

You must toggle on ☰ > Synchronization > Google Tasks > Custom order synchronization fix to workaround a long-standing bug in the Google Tasks API. This setting will force Tasks to always perform a full synchronization of your custom ordering and subtask information

CalDAV, DAVx⁵, and EteSync lists#

Tasks implements My order using x-apple-sort-order, a non-standard extension to the iCalendar protocol. This sort order is compatible with Apple Reminders and Nextcloud Tasks.

Astrid manual sorting#

Tasks supports Astrid's legacy manual sort mode for 'My Tasks', 'Today', and tags

  • This sort mode will be replaced in a future release
  • Toggle on ☰ > Advanced > Astrid manual sorting to enable this sort mode
  • Show hidden and Show completed toggles are not supported
  • Manual order changes in this sort mode are not reflected in My order
  • Subtasks created in this sort mode are not visible in the edit screen
  • Subtasks created in this sort mode are not visible in other sort modes
  • Subtasks created in this sort mode are not collapsible