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Tasks is free and open-source software that does not display advertisements or sell your personal information. In order to support development some features require a subscription

Google Play subscriptions come with a 7-day free trial. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time

Synchronization with

In order to synchronize your data with's synchronization service, as well as unlock all in-app purchases, you must maintain one of the following:

Choose your own subscription price

Tasks also offers the option of choosing your own subscription price. You can unlock all in-app features for as little as $0.99/year, however you will not have access to the synchronization service

One-time purchases

I know you hate subscriptions. I don't like them either.

Mobile apps must be maintained and supported forever, and one-time purchases are not an effective method of funding development¹. When one-time sales dry up then developers abandon the app. Subscriptions give them an incentive to keep you happy.

Tasks does not offer a one-time purchase option, however there is a "hack" to unlock the app for many years:

  1. Tap on ☰ > Help & feedback
  2. Tap on Upgrade to pro > More options, and choose a price. Every $1 will unlock the app for approximately one year, i.e. $4.99 ≈ 5 years, $9.99 ≈ 10 years, $24.99 ≈ 25 years
    • Note: You must wait until your trial period ends and your account is charged before continuing with step 3
  3. Tap on Modify subscription > More options and choose $0.99/year. Google will apply your existing balance towards the new subscription. The Google Play purchase pop-up will confirm your new expiration date
  4. Feel free to cancel your new subscription so that it does not auto-renew

¹ I'm making a broad generalization, but my Play Store purchase history is littered with one-time purchases that were abandoned by their developers years ago


F-Droid users do not require a subscription to unlock all in-app features. Donations are highly appreciated!

F-Droid users who wish to synchronize their data with's synchronization service require a GitHub sponsorship or Google Play subscription.

To use a Google Play subscription with the F-Droid release:

  1. Install's Google Play release
  2. Launch Tasks, tap on ☰ > Settings > > Sign in with Google, and purchase a subscription
  3. Uninstall the Google Play release and install the F-Droid release
  4. Tap on ☰ > Settings > > Sign in with Google