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Tasks' sharing features are under active development! accountā€‹

Currently lists can only be shared with other accounts. In the near future you will be able to share lists with anyone, even if they don't use Tasks!

Google Tasks, DAVxāµ, and the EteSync Android clientā€‹

Sharing features not supported due to technical limitations

Nextcloud, ownCloud, and sabre/davā€‹

Sharing features are available when your account is configured to use Tasks' native CalDAV synchronization


Sharing features will be available for native EteSync synchronization in a future update


Some list sharing features are available for OpenXchange servers. More features will be added in a future release if possible

Other CalDAV serversā€‹

Sharing support for other CalDAV services may be possible. If you're familiar with how sharing is implemented in your preferred CalDAV server, please submit a feature request with the details on Tasks' issue tracker