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Google Tasks

Google Tasks is a basic task list service provided by Google. Google Tasks can be accessed from GMail, Google Calendar, or a variety of third party clients.

Tasks can synchronize a portion of its data through Google Tasks. Given the limited amount of information supported by Google Tasks you will only be able to synchronize the following:

No other data can be synchronized through Google Tasks

Please note: will be flagged in your Google Security Checkup because I am an unverified developer. Unfortunately it costs approximately $15,000-75,000 USD to get verified, so this situation is unlikely to change

Recurrence, reminders, and due timesā€‹

Recurrence, reminders, and due times were added to the Google Tasks service in early 2019. Unfortunately the third-party Google Tasks API did not receive a similar update, so this data is not available to third-party clients like Tasks.

You can read more on Google's public issue tracker here and here

Additional featuresā€‹

  • Re-order tasks and create subtasks using manual sort mode
  • Create, rename, and delete Google Task lists
  • Move tasks between Google Task lists

Adding an accountā€‹

To get started tap on ā˜° > Settings > Synchronization > Add account > Google Tasks

Grant the contacts permission (Android 6 + 7 only)ā€‹

Tasks requires the contacts permission on versions of Android prior to 8.0. This permission is needed to access the Google accounts registered on your device

Choose an accountā€‹

Select the Google account that you would like to synchronize with. A subscription is required to synchronize with two or more Google accounts

Grant OAuth 2.0 accessā€‹

Tasks requires permission to use the Google Task web API with your account. If you no longer use Google Task synchronization you may revoke this permission by visiting your Google security settings.