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DecSync CC

DecSync (Decentralized Synchronization) can be used to synchronize your tasks without a server.

The DecSync CC app, available from F-Droid, will synchronize your tasks with iCalendar files on your device's internal storage. You are responsible for synchronizing the DecSync directory with other devices. One solution is to use Syncthing

Your DecSync lists will automatically appear in Tasks after setting up DecSync CC

You can read more about DecSync at


Make sure DecSync CC is configured properly

  1. Open DecSync CC
  2. Tap ⋮ > Settings
    • Make sure Tasks > Task app is set to Tasks

Make sure at least one task list is synchronized

  1. Open DecSync CC
  2. Check at least one task list
    • Tap + to create a new task list if necessary
  3. Allow DecSync CC to Tasks permission
  4. Tap on 🗘 to initiate synchronization