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CalDAV [Wikipedia] is an open Internet standard for synchronizing calendar events and task lists. Tasks can synchronize with a variety of CalDAV servers. Set up a free or paid account with a third party service, or host your own from a selection of open-source servers

The following is not an exhaustive list of compatible services. If any services are missing, outdated, or incorrect, please send me an e-mail, or open a pull request at

HostingSelf-hostingList sharingWeb interface
NextcloudFree/Paid✓✓ [1]✓
OwncloudFree/Paid✓✓ [1]✓
fruuxFree/Paid✓ [2]✓
Synology Calendar✓
Apple CalendarServer✓
Apple iCloudFree
Microsoft ExchangePaid [3]
Office 365Free [3]✓✓

[1]: Not all hosting providers support sharing

[2]: Requires paid account

[3]: Requires a DavMail Gateway

For more details about Tasks' CalDAV synchronization capabilities, visit

Adding an account​

Select Tasks settings > Synchronization > Add account > CalDAV and enter the following details:

  • User for authentication with your CalDAV server
  • Password for authentication with your CalDAV server
    • Android 6+: Passwords will be encrypted with the Android KeyStore
    • Android 4 and 5: Passwords will be stored in plain text
  • URL to your CalDAV home set
    • Tasks will follow the ./well-known/caldav redirect for URLs that use SSL. As an example you can enter and Tasks will find your home set
    • For servers that do not provide a redirect you will need to enter the home set URL yourself. This URL will vary by server, but will look something like
  • Let server schedule recurring tasks Some servers, such as, will schedule recurring tasks for you. Enable this option to prevent Tasks from scheduling the next instance of a recurring task